Alcohol and Driving

The vast majority of DUI charges are related to alcohol consumption. After being detained, if an individual’s breath or blood test indicates a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit, he or she will face DUI charges. This test can be used as evidence against you, but there are ways to call it into question.

Marijuana and Driving

Marijuana DUIs are far less common, and many times, a “drug recognition expert” must be involved. This expert has extensive training in the drug impairment field, and if he or she believes that marijuana is involved, the driver will face charges. After the arrest, the driver will usually be subjected to blood testing.

Mandatory Drug Testing

The fact that the drug test can and will be used as evidence against you in court demonstrates the severity of a DUI charge. If you fail the test, you could easily face jail time, lose your license, or be forced to take driver education courses. Talk to your Bellevue traffic attorney about ways to fight drug test evidence.

If you have been arrested for any type of DUI charge in Washington, finding the right attorney is of the utmost importance. No one wants to be represented by a lawyer who lacks DUI experience. Take the time to find a professional who understands your case and the unique laws surrounding DUI charges.